Common Causes of Undue Auto Battery Draining

Not many motorists think of their car battery. As long as they can get their car started, then they assume that their battery is functional, but this is the wrong approach to take. Your battery is not merely an expensive part to replace. It is also vital for the functioning of your vehicle since this component is what provides your car with power. Hence, you must take the necessary measures to keep this auto part in optimum condition.

A typical issue that many people face with their car battery is spontaneous draining, which puts them at risk of a break down at the most inopportune time. Instead of constantly taking the jumper cables to your vehicle, you need to figure out what is causing this drainage so that you can address the problem immediately. This article lists the common causes of undue auto battery draining.

Compromised car battery terminals

Every auto battery is outfitted with positive and negative terminals, which function to direct power to various components. However, with time, the connections between the terminals and the different auto components can come loose, which will adversely affect how the terminals distribute power.

In addition to this, the terminals can also succumb to corrosion and this makes it harder for you to start your car since the battery is steadily losing its ability to direct power to where it is needed. Not to mention that the jeopardised terminals also increase the threat of you experiencing stalling or a complete breakdown on the roads. To keep these terminals safe from rust, you must clean them routinely, but if the connections have come loose, you should seek auto servicing from your mechanic.

Exposure to severe temperatures

While Australia is renowned for its tropical climatic conditions, most people can agree that the temperatures can become too extreme to bear, more so during the summer or the winter. Nonetheless, not many motorists are aware of the fact that the same way the temperatures can affect their comfort, it can also impede on the functioning of their auto battery. When the battery is continually exposed to severe heat or extreme cold, its performance begins to wane gradually.

If this goes on unchecked, your battery could die in its entirety. It is also important to note that this issue usually affects older batteries since the new car batteries do not have the same vulnerability to the changing seasons. The moment you begin to experience auto battery problems during extreme temperature changes, you should visit your mechanic so that they can diagnose the problem.

Additional causes of undue auto battery draining are short bursts of driving that do not give the alternator enough time to charge the battery, parasitic drawing on the battery's charge and driving around with an old battery.

Contact a local mechanic or auto parts store to learn more about auto batteries.