Maintenance Tips for Your Diesel Engine

Diesel engines are commonly found in medium to heavy-duty trucks. This is because these types of vehicles tend to be exposed to harsh driving conditions such as uneven terrain or driving long distance. Due to these driving conditions, diesel is considered a better option than regular fuel as it gives the vehicle enhanced fuel efficiency even when the vehicle is being driven at higher rotations per minute. But maintenance measures need to be taken on a regular basis if you would like to avoid consistent diesel engine servicing and repairs. Here are some of the maintenance tips you can use to keep your diesel engine in good working condition.

Ensure the diesel engine is using the proper oil filter

When diesel fuel is not entirely burned off when driving, it forms sulfur and carbon. If undetected, the sulfur and carbon can make their way into the diesel engine's oil and contaminate it. That is why it is prudent to ensure that your diesel engine is not only using the correct filter, but that this oil filter is clean enough to intercept the contaminants. Failure or neglect to do so will eventually lead to interior damage of your diesel engine as the contaminants will start corroding it.

Ensure your diesel engine gets a coolant flush

Another important aspect of diesel engine maintenance is ensuring it receives an occasional coolant flush. During a coolant flush, the auto mechanic will try to establish if there are any leaks or other potential problems that pose a risk to the functionality of the engine. Neglecting to conduct a coolant flush will deny you the chance to catch any problems before they become exacerbated. This in turn will lead to your diesel engine overheating, acquiring damage, and inevitably breaking down.

Ensure your diesel engine receives a gasket inspection

Typically, diesel engines are built to be operated in harsh conditions. As such, you can expect that a lot of pressure to perform is put on its engine gaskets as well as its motors. If not maintained, the movable components may become loose and come off, or may acquire damage and you would not be aware of it. This is why it is recommended to have a gasket inspection carried out once in a while. The auto mechanic will check to see if components such as oil pan bolts, mounting bolts and more are tightly in place. They will also check for any damage on these components and replace them as need be. 

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