Troubleshooting Problem With Your Trailer Lights

A trailer can be ideal when you need to tow something on the back of your vehicle. It can make your tow vehicle so much more versatile. However, in order to maintain safety and to adhere to driving laws, you need to make sure that the lights on your trailer are functioning properly. Trailer lights are meant to function in the same way that the taillights on your tow vehicle function. Since the trailer typically blocks the taillights of your tow vehicle from being visible, you need lights on your trailer that alert drivers behind you when you are stopping or turning. There is typically a connector device that connects the taillights of your tow vehicle with the lights of the trailer through the use of wiring. However, problems sometimes occur. It is important that you know how to effectively troubleshoot trailer parts and diagnose the problem when your trailer lights are not working correctly.


If some of the lights on the trailer are functioning but others are not, it is possible that there are blown bulbs or there is an issue with the wire. The best way to determine what the main reason is behind having only partially functioning trailer lights is to use a voltage meter. A voltage meter is a tool that you will need when you are troubleshooting the cause of your light problem because it allows you to determine if the wiring is working. You should start by testing the socket to ensure that electricity is making its way through the wires.

If you determine that electricity is going through the wire, this means that the bulb is most likely blown. If you notice that no electricity can be measured with the use of the voltage meter, look for a break in the wire. It is possible that if any metal in the wire is exposed it could have touched the surface of the metal trailer. This often results in a short circuit. This means that you will have to replace the wire in order for all of the lights to function properly.

No Lights

If you notice that none of the lights of the trailer or the tow vehicle work properly, it is common that you are dealing with a blown fuse. Make sure that you replace all of the fuses to ensure that the lights for both the tow vehicle and the trailer will work properly. It might be that you have a short circuit that could be causing the fuse to blow if this happens repeatedly.